Everything you need to know about growing weed indoors

If you have been considering growing medical marijuana in your home, then you need to know certain basic steps. These are especially useful if you’re a first-time grower. Here you can find all the tips that will help you in

growing weed step by step.

This will help you in growing marijuana indoors according to your:

  • Available grow space
  • Budget
  • Desired produce

Understand what resources are needed to start growing weed indoors

There are primarily six main elements that you need for growing weed in California. These include:

  • Proper grow lights for weed
  • Growing medium
  • Temperature
  • Air
  • Water
  • Nutrients


At Ganja Electric, we can help you set up your grow room with full wiring, equipment installation, energy audit, solar system with battery back up and many other services that help you in growing marijuana indoors.

First, pick a “grow” room or area

When picking a grow room, you need to keep in mind that the designated area needs to have adequate space for your plants and equipment. There should also be space for you to move.

Consider starting small

If you’re a first-time grower of medical marijuana, then there are bound to be some setbacks due to diseases and pests. Starting on a smaller scale helps you to:

  • Monitor your plans better
  • Save on expenses of setting up

Pay attention to the design of your grow space

There are many elements that are involved in growing weed. There are various equipment that you will require. This is where Ganja Electric comes to your aid. We can help you set up your grow room with grow lights, duct fans, and all other necessary equipment.

One crucial point you need to remember about how to start growing weed legally, is that the plants increase in size during the early stages of flowering. Make sure that you provide them adequate space to grow fully.

Select the correct grow lights

At Ganja Electric, our experts can help you pick out the best suited grow lights for your indoor weed growing. This is the number one element that you need to consider when growing weed indoors.

There are several choices in lighting including:

  • HID Grow Lights
  • Fluorescent Grow Lights
  • LED Grow Lights
  • Induction Grow Lights


Provide your cannabis plants with adequate air

This is yet another essential element in the process. At Ganga Electric, we have over twenty years of experience with helping the cannabis industry. We can help you install the most energy efficient and well-suited air system for your requirements.

We can also help you conduct regular energy audits to help you regulate the consumption and reduce risks of fires.

Select your controls system and security cameras

If you are growing on a large or industrial scale, then you need to monitor your plants. Whether you are looking for solar system with battery backup, or want a fully automatic controller system, we can help you with the installation of the same.

We can also help with your plumbing related projects that will help you keep your grow area clean and your plants hydrated properly.