Can I do the electrical part by myself?

If you know exactly what you are doing then answer is, yes, but since they are lots of little variables that needs to be figured in, so it’s better to leave it to State Licensed Ganja electricians. Each year, fire claims the liv

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es of 4,500 Americans and injures approximately 24,000 more. During a typical year, home electrical problems account for 67,800 fires, hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries and $868 million in property losses. Home electrical wiring causes twice as many fires as electrical appliances.  Many of these fires are caused by misuse or overloading electrical circuits.  Many of these fires are caused by misuse or overloading electrical circuits .

How can I save energy?

There are several ways to save energy in your property or location of your business, the best way to achieve that is to first find-out what kind of electrical components you have and then calculate the total energy usage, there are several ways you can calculate by multiplying voltage by amp you get wattage. (Amp X Volt = Watt).

Is Energy Audit Necessary?

Energy audit is the most important component of the electrical system in any retail store, cultivation or manufacturing facility, with Energy Audit you know exactly how much at any given time is being used, without that we are taking a risk of fire and that’s not something we will ask for.

Do I need a panel upgrade?

Well, depends on your energy load, everything is calculated according to the energy usage, if you use more than what main panel can handle then you are risking of breaker tripping often and if the load in wire is more than what wire can handle then you are risking of fire hazard.

Can I use Solar?

It’s always a great idea to add solar for the energy usage and better yet, is very much recommend it to use some kind of back-up, we recommend to use battery back-up, and/or generator in-case, it’s better to be ready in case of disaster..

How much energy light uses?

First we need to select they type of light we are going to use, then figure out the energy usage of the light for the grow room we have to find-out how many light we are going to use by adding all the lights amperage and multiply by Voltage rating, is most cases 240V (80A X 240V = 19,2kW.

How much energy A/C uses?

Air Conditioners and heaters always use lots of energy to operate, we always should check the name plate values and information to make sure it will correspond to actual reading. Usually A/C use 240v to operate and sometimes 3 phase.

How much energy fans uses?

Fans usually don’t use much energy.

How can I calculate the Energy cost?

To calculate the total energy cost we need to add all electrical and electronic devices or equipment to find-out the total usage in one hour..

What is the process?

The process is simple
A: Call us for a consultations
B: Planning, Engineering and Permitting
C: Installation and Commissioning
D: Final Inspection.